Newton’s Laws of Motion Reveal The Truth About Motivation


It is believed that the crux of success is taking the right small steps forward in the direction of your dream EVERY SINGLE DAY! And, that these small steps forward add up over time. It is also said that when you look back at these added up steps you get to see the great achievements they inevitably become!

These steps on the other hand don’t seem so small at the time they need to be taken and can even seem exhausting just thinking about them. Nothing is worst then the feeling of having to do something when you “don’t feel like it” or when you “just don’t want to”.

You get immersed and overwhelmed in motivation when that initial inspiration happened but when you’re faced with doing something about it (i.e. take action), motivation is nowhere to be found.

So you wait and wait for the motivation to come back before you can take the action that’s going to get you where you most want to be. This however is the misconception that led you to no-action and to the place where you are right now that you don’t want to be!

Motivation rarely happens by accident… Motivation requires action and action demands motion. Newton’s Laws of Motion help shine light on the subject of motivation. (For a great break down of this analysis read this post) 

Basically, to move a stationary object from rest it requires a strong initial action or force. Once the object is in motion, the force or action needed becomes smaller and smaller.

In other words, to get motivated you must move yourself into action first! Motivation is not something that happens to you, but that YOU happen to IT! (Read that one again so it sinks in!)

Once you set yourself in motion by taking action, the effort required to keep that action going reduces and the motivation comes from that. It is a mindset you must put YOURSELF into not an attitude or emotion that magically happens to you.

Emotions usually follow action. Take for example when you workout, how do you feel afterwards? Or when you suddenly jump up when you get startled, do you remember that jolt of energy that rushed through your body?

Peak Performance Strategist Tony Robbins teaches that energy flows where attention goes and that you can change your mental & emotional state simply by changing your physiology; your body! (10 Powerful Lessons from Tony Robbins)

It’s similar to the “Fake it till you make it” mentality but with an added twist. Tony Robbins explains that there’s a difference between what he calls affirmations, which he sees as just intentions in the wind, and incantations, which are more powerful because they use your body to communicate the intention you want.

He says:

“With affirmations you go ‘I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy’ but what’s the problem? You haven’t changed your physiology. If you don’t change your physiology, you won’t get anything. So with incantations, not only do you speak it, but you also embody what you are saying with all the intensity you can. And you do it with enough repetitions that it sticks in your head. So you use your body and your voice.”

Sometimes being unmotivated can even stem from feeling overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is a result of lack of perspective. (i.e. not knowing where to start, too much to do but not having priorities in order, etc.)

This lack of perspective leads to NO ACTION! Inversely, what this also means is that to get motivated we have to get into motion and move the needle even if it’s just a baby step. (Need some perspective fast, read my post Your Path Towards A Headache-Free Living)

I love the quote by William James because it illustrates this point elegantly:

“We do not sing because we’re happy, we’re happy because we sing!”

Emotion following action plain and simple! (Click here to view a quick guide on emotional intelligence)

Your success can’t happen if you don’t continuously work on taking that right step forward each day. Even if you feel unmotivated or uninspired remember, motivation follows action! Yes action!! So take that first step forward no matter how small you think it is and start creating momentum! The more baby steps you take the easier it will get to keep that momentum going. Man, the feeling, inspiration, and vigor you get from it will amaze you!

So, if you already know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step why haven’t you taken it? Or if you have, why did you stop? If you need that mental kick in the ass that coffee seems to give your body every morning, dive into the following link! (Kick In The Ass) Good luck stay harnessed and stay focused!